A NES emulator, implemented in Rust.


June 2021 -


This is intended to be a fully-featured NES emulator, with all the usual bells and whistles of modern emulators such as save states. Hardware coverage includes all variations of the NES / Famicom, such as the NTSC / PAL variations of the NES, as well as the Famicom (with the additional audio channel). The NTSC NES is the 'first' target for development, with other models prioritized after. Additionally, the majority of iNES mappers will also be supported.


This emulator at an extremely early stage of development, though the CPU can pass a preliminary nestest, PPU notwithstanding. The APU is 'next' for development.


The desired accuracy of Nestor is very high; ideally, a full suite of emulator tests from the nesdev wiki will be passable.