xv6 Modifications

Modifications and features implemented in a private fork of MIT's RISCV xv6 project.


December 2020 - May 2021


After completing a wonderful (and wonderfully dreaded) Operating Systems course, at the University of Saskatchewan, I felt motivated and interested in continuing modifications to xv6. I have continued implementing features both from the xv6 MIT book as well as of personal interest. This is the newer RISCV implementation of xv6.


Changes successfully implemented in xv6 include an increased file and filesystem size, a multi-level feedback priority process scheduler, and the lseek system call.


After a discussion with the instructor, I have opted to make this project private by default, and will whitelist access to the repository upon request. Exercises and assignments in operating system courses can only be so original, and a quick Google search of xv6 <feature> already will yield many public repositories of previous assignments. A public repository showcasing the features implemented and changes made is available here, and access to the source code with these changes will be granted to potential supervisors, employers, etc. upon request.